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MS-487VFD controller

Dedicated controller for rotary screw compressors with an engine power of up to 22 kW with frequency converter (inverter), equipped with:

  • supervision 1 x pressure, oil temperature and current measurement
  • preset selection from the list of supported inverter types
  • calendar of individual and cyclical work
  • one line of information about the status of all filters
  • auto restart system and remote operation mode (REM)
  • multi-variant motor protection system
  • Y valve test and safety valve test

It has 3 programmable outputs supporting: condensate drain, dryer, fan, oil heating, error output and control line.

Basic controller functions and parametersStatus / value
For compressors in the motor power range0 – 22 kW
Display size2,6”
Colour / monochrome displaymono
Control of motors without a frequency inverter / with a frequency inverter– / ●
Measurement and control of pressure: main / network / pressure switch● / – / ●
Motor current control: asymmetry /current measurement/ on/off per hour● / ● / ●
Motor temperature control: Thermic / KTY-84 / PTC● / – / –
Oil temperature check PT-100 / PT-1000● / –
Operation: Condensate drain (DRAIN)/ Drier (DRYER) / Fan (VE) / Heater Mode1 (H1) or Mode2 (H2)● / ● / ○ / ○
Support: ERROR / ACK output – Confirmation line output for REM remote operation● / ○
Oil (OF)/ Air (AF) / Separator (Sep) filter inspection○ / ○ / ○
AUTOTLSE automatic operation time optimization function
Automatic restart function after voltage loss
Network operation via Modbus (in modes: Auto, Const, Local) as: SLAVE / MASTER– / –
Remote operation mode (REM)
Work calendar: scheduled individual, cyclical / network● / –
Optional MS-Connect 2 visualization and diagnostics system
Access control to the user / service menu● / ●
Y valve tests/safety valve test● / ●
Defined / programmable service counters6/2
List of recent events / critical errors / non-critical errors● / ● / ●
Saving / restoring controller settings● / ●
24V short circuit detection
Language versionsPL, RUS, EN, DE

● the controller has this function
– the controller does not have this function
○ the controller can optionally have this function

The controller has only one Modbus output, which is used to operate the frequency converter (inverter). Therefore, it does not support the MS-Connect2 visualization and diagnostics system and network operation. It can only be managed remotely within the REM input. If network operation or MS-Connect2 visualization and diagnostics system is required for a compressor equipped with an inverter, the MS-887VFD controller should be selected regardless of the compressor motor power because it has two Modbus outputs. For details of the MS-Connect2 system, go to the “Visualization and Diagnostics Systems” product category.