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About us

MIKROEL Controllers Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. is one of the leading manufacturers of compressor controllers in Europe. Our vision and main goal are comprehensive design and production of dedicated microprocessor controllers used for devices working in industrial and manufacturing sectors.

We have been making history since 1988.

The history of MIKROEL starts with its originator and founder Andrzej Kaczurba, who has a real passion for the design and production of controllers for various industries. The first controller was designed and manufactured in 1988. It was the MS-10 controller used to automatically dispense liquids and substances into packaging together with the production supervision system. Subsequent controllers were used for the automatic production of PET bottles, the production of big-bag packaging, labelling, the food industry, quality control of production processes, the implementation of heating and firing processes, PID algorithm temperature and pressure control and many other dedicated devices and sensors.

Compressor controllers

Since 2000, MIKROEL has been specializing in the design and manufacture of controllers for the largest manufacturers of rotary screw compressors in Poland and Europe. Our first controller was intended for rotary screw compressor was the MS-200 controller. In the following years, more than 25 new models were produced in variants dedicated to specific compressor manufacturers. In 2007, we introduced our first controller with inverter control function into production, and a year later the first master controller. Simultaneously. multiple compressor visualization and remote diagnostic systems were created.

Competence and passion

Our many years of experience and cooperation with leaders in the compressor manufacturing industry allow us to design and manufacture professional compressor controllers. They have advanced technological solutions that significantly reduce the energy consumption and operating costs of compressors. Our controllers are characterized by optimization of solutions allowing to reduce the costs of compressor production and servicing. This is possible thanks to the implementation of software for automatic configuration and remote diagnostics. Our pioneering solutions and the reliability of our controllers have established us as one of the leading suppliers of compressor controllers on the European market.

Tailor-made projects

Not only companies producing and servicing compressors are our clients. Manufacturers of various types of mechanical devices, who expect to design and manufacture professional controllers for their devices are also a large group of our clients. This is why MIKROEL is divided into two main areas: research and development (R&D) and production and service.

From concept to production

Our company is distinguished by comprehensive customer service starting from the concept stage all the way to the production of controllers together with software supporting serial production of compressors. The R&D department deals with comprehensive hardware and software design along with dedicated graphic interfaces. After designing and making prototypes, drivers undergo a series of engineering tests. After completing the prototype testing process, the Production and Service Department deals with the production and personalization of new controllers and their maintenance.

Dedicated OEM production

Production is carried out for our business partners in the OEM system on a specially designed and dedicated test and production infrastructure. For this purpose, we have extensive systems for the implementation of internal and external tests of the devices we design.

Compressor energy modifications

Due to the sharp increases in energy prices, MIKROEL introduced special inverter control kits which can modify old types of rotary screw compressors that do not have an inverter. Such solutions offer considerable financial savings, so interested entrepreneurs are invited to familiarize themselves with our offer, which is supported by numerous white certificates.

Since we create our projects with passion, we kindly invite both future Business Partners as well as creative Designers and Programmers who are passionate about electronics, who want to participate in the entire project, and not only in its small part.

We are looking forward to working with you